Classical Music Night - "Erik Satie"

Tuesday, February 04, 2014 • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Doors Open at 6:00 PM

Dazzle Jazz

930 Lincoln St.
Denver, CO 80203


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7pm :: Classical Music Night - "Erik Satie" :: $10

R. Andrew Lee Performs Erik Satie

One of the most influential and beloved composers of the modern age, Erik Satie, is honored in an evening of piano works performed by one of the foremost interpreters of minimal music, R. Andrew Lee. Recognized internationally for his “impressive string of recordings” [Time Out New York] including a 2012 Critics’ Choice by Gramophone Magazine for The Time Curve Preludes by William Duckworth, Lee pays tribute to Satie and his inspiration on contemporary minimalism in a program of popular and rarely performed pieces. 

Six Gnossiennes (1888-1897)
1.  Lent
   2.  Avec étonnement
   3.  Lent
   4.  Lent
   5.  Modéré
   6.  Avec conviction et avec une tristesse rigoureuse

Le fil des étoiles (1892)
   Prélude du Premier Acte - La Vocation
   Premier Acte

Carnet d'esquisses et de croquis (1897-1914)
   1.  Air
   2.  Essais
   3.  (Plus lent)
   4.  Notes
   5.  Notes
   6.  Le prissonier maussade
   7.  Le grande singe
   8.  Exercises
   9.  Notes
  10.  Harmonies
  11.  Songerie vers 'Jack'
  12.  Bribes
  13.  Choral
  14.  Exercises
  15.  Exercises
  16.  Exercises
  17.  Exercises
  18.  Petit prelude de 'La Mort de Monsieur Mouche'
  19.  Gambades
  20.  Arriere propos
  21.  Petite danse

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